About John H. Curry

John H. Curry, CLU®, ChFC®, AEP, MSFS®, CLTC, is a Senior Associate of the North Florida Financial Corporation. John has assisted thousands of people in planning for a secure retirement, and has been associated with the insurance and financial services industry since 1975.  

John's extensive education and experience in financial services enables him and his team to provide top-quality service to his clients and associates. He frequently holds informative, educational workshops and seminars on the subject of pre-retirement planning and retirement distribution planning.

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The 3 phases of your wealth: Wealth Building, Wealth Distribution and Wealth Conservation. 

The Trends in Aging and how these trends will affect your retirement.

The Financial Impact of Long Term Care on your Retirement and Estate Plans.

How to clarify your Vision of Retirement and how to play the Retirement GAME!

Potential problems with Social Security and Medicare and how you can prepare yourself.

The two types of Retirement Plans.

Planning for a lifetime Income.